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Chaini Dwor LLP (Tea Yard)"*" is an Indo Kazakh Joint Venture integrated Tea company in Kazakhstan, founded in 2005 with the objective of being a prominent supplier of the finest, pure and natural, garden fresh teas in the world, to the discerning customers of Kazakhstan, Russia, CIS and wherever they may be.

Chaini Dwor has its factory in an environmental friendly green region at the outskirts of Almaty city, where it packages a wide variety of fine teas, including its own unique blends, into an assortment of different types of packaging, to suit all customer needs. The teas are marketed in Chaini Dwors own individual Brands.

Chaini Dwor's personnel include specialists with 20 to 50 years experience in tea. And Chaini Dwors partners, who include some of the worlds best master blenders and owners of the finest tea plantations, as well as the largest international tea trading companies, bring many generations of top line experience, in all aspects of tea business, to Chaini Dwor.

Kazakhstan has historically been amongst the top three countries in the world, and is probably the leader today, with the highest per capita consumption of good quality and premium teas of Indian and Kenyan origin. The other two countries in this category being Ireland and the UK.

"*" 'Chaini Dwor' is the phonetic translation into English, of the name of the company, which is in Russian, as is written in the main logo. The literal translation of the Russian name into English is ' Tea Yard ', whereas, the connotation of the company's name in the Russian language is ' Royal Tea Court Yard '.

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